Our products
we stock over 2,500 lines!
We also stock.
Bottled fruit juices
A wide range of soft drinks
Wines, spirits, beers & ciders including milk vodka and cider made in West
  • Baby foods
  • Bags of logs and kindling (winter only, limited supply)
  • "Carepac" everyday necessities
  • Confectionery, crisps, snacks
  • Cut flowers (summer, locally grown)
  • Instant BBQ sets and bags of charcoal (summer only)
  • Locally grown garden plants (spring/summer, small range)
  • Newspapers, magazines and greetings cards
  • Postage stamps (first and second class)
  • Pet food (dog and cat food): NEW - Natural Dog Treats, varieties
  • Toiletries
  • Tobacco products (from April 2015, to comply with legislation, these products are not displayed)
  • Wild bird food (nuts and seeds: (available in paper bags)
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Our fresh milk is now delivered in glass bottles?